Why Choose

What aims to achieve is to reinvent the way the corporate gift industry works. Currently what is happening in the Singapore gift scene is that every vendor is producing and offering the exact same range of products. Which is this so? Because most vendors simply purchase from the same local wholesalers and simply print your logo on it. In this sort of an arrangement, you are assured of boring stuff and gifts which are given away by any other company.

At, you will come to realise that our products are unique and aesthetically appealing. We carefully select items that we feel are nice and attractive and list them in our site for your selection. Not only do we offer uniquely sourced products, we are also specialist in customised projects. Our team of professional gift consultants will take time to discuss your needs and marketing campaign to offer free suggestions and advise on how to make your campaign a success! They will recommend specific branding merchandises to achieve your desired outcome and also putting a smile on the your clients face. We only supply products of the best quality and are very stringent on our quality controls. We aim to make our client’s job easier and make their brand look absolutely awesome!

We can supply ready branded products within 3 days and fully customized products within a month. This is definitely the shortest and most efficient lead time in the market right now!

Why wait? Give us a ring today to receive our free catalog and no obligation gift consultation!